Ongoing Asian-Canadian Projects

Throughout history, the Asian communities and immigrants have bestowed great efforts into Canada with tradition and culture. Due to the efforts made by Asian-Canadians, the government has been showcasing some of the important factors through projects.

SACLP – South Asian Canadian Legacy Project

The South Asian Canadian Legacy Project aims to spread knowledge of the valuable contributions of South Asian Canadians with The Province of British Columbia in the diverse cultures, history, heritage, economy, and society it’s known for.

The overall goal of the SACLP is to showcase the community’s resilience in the face of systemic historical injustice and discrimination to contribute to creating a welcoming province free of racism and hate throughout British Columbia.

With the racial tension and immigration issues that were evident throughout the 20th century between Canada and Asians, the government has been working hard at showcasing the greatness which Asian culture has taught Canadians with tradition and heritage.

CCAP – Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

The Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project strives to bring together over 6000 Chinese Canadian artifacts and make them accessible in a single searchable database. This project is set to provide information on all the most historical Asian artifacts for individuals wanting to learn more about the cultural history of Asia.

The artifacts in the project database are held by 16 local and regional museums throughout British Columbia, which has a large minority of Asian-Canadians. The CCAP originated in 2014 as a Chinese Canadian Legacy Initiative project. This stands as one of many British Columbian Government projects to commemorate the historical contributions of Chinese Canadians to the province.

CCFA – Canadian Climate Fund for Asia

The Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia is a project which sees the Canadian government providing a maximum contribution of up to $200,000,000, partnering with the Asian Development Bank. The project will be supporting various sectors, including Energy Generation and Renewable Resources.

The project is seen as the second phase in the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia. Ultimately the project catalyzes greater private sector investment in climate change mitigation for low to middle-income Asian countries.

These are all ongoing projects to show appreciation towards the Asian communities in Canada.